Nikki D'Amico | Actress, Singer, Dancer
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Recent Projects

My Master Reel, including recent work on the 2019 Gucci Summer campaign. Read more . . .

Here’s a scene from my recent co-starring role playing a mother in anguish on TLC’s acclaimed new series “Evil Things”. I’m in Season 1, Episode 2, “The Room”.

With the new augmented reality mobile app Holo, you can put realistic holographic characters into your very own reality. Including me, as an Evil Stepmother! Read more . . .

I play a much-loved celebrity in the just-released film, “Primal Scream”, an exploration of the pop-culture artifacts that horrified us as children, and how those experiences affected lives.

In this beautifully written show about phobias, I play a certain celebrity talking with someone. (Any idea who that might be?). Read more . . .

Directed by Lysandra Petersson, Bell Canyon is a soon-to-be-released feature film about a struggling singer-songwriter in Los Angeles. I played the lead character’s mother . . .

I played not one, but two roles in The Matrix Theatre’s critically-acclaimed production of The Story of Alice . . .

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