Nikki D'Amico | Appearance in “The Story of Alice”
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Appearance in “The Story of Alice”

I was fortunate enough to play not one, but two roles in the the Matrix Theatres’ production of The Story of Alice.


Directed by Gary Lee Reed, Alice is a modern, musical retelling of the classic tale featuring a teenage girl named Alice in a world like any other, with a cast of colorful characters both familiar and revitalized.


I was Dodo Bird and Tweedledum, and I loved every minute of it!


These pictures aren’t ideal, but in the topmost image I’m standing behind the king, Dodoing away. In the lower image, well, that’s me as Tweedledum.


We were all proud of the production, and were delighted with our reviews:



“There is exceptional talent in The Story of Alice!…Run, Run! And take someone who loves Alice. In fact, dress up and Go!”



“Casting is cleverly done to enhance the whimsical quality of the characters; and the talented actor’s voices soar in happy song as they dance with abandon.”
~ LA Splash


“Strong vocals, sharp comedic timing and stunning visuals…” 
~ Broadway World


“…an appealing musical retelling of a story that becomes just as ageless as it is up to date.”
~ Accessibly Live