Nikki D'Amico | My Appearance in the indie film “Bell Canyon”
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My Appearance in the indie film “Bell Canyon”

Directed by Lysandra Petersson, Bell Canyon is a feature film about a struggling singer-songwriter in Los Angeles who navigates love and loss while trying to remain true to the muse of music. I played the lead character’s mother, Kate Gleason.


Bell Canyon was shot for 16 days in Los Angeles during the summer of 2016 and is planned for release in July, 2017.


Here’s a synopsis:


Bell Canyon is a music-filled film that follows Avery Jenkins, a 35-year-old singer/songwriter living in L.A., as he struggles to come to terms with his lack of commercial success. His bitterness leads to a breakup with his fiancé, Rebecca, who is beginning to find success in her own career.



As Avery surfs the couches of Los Angeles, he must face up to his own demons — no matter how much he’d like to avoid them. He must confront the concern and criticism of family members who ask how his music career is going. In a city that values youth over longevity, he also must deal with a constant influx of dismissive younger musicians who are certain that they will be the next big thing.  Will Mistress Music continue to sustain him throughout this journey?  Or has she left him forever?


As he navigates the terrain of strained relationships and a search for love – including feelings for his married coworker, Madison – Avery is forced to examine his heart and ask himself: How do you learn to believe in yourself when the rest of the world doesn’t seem to?



With director Lysandra Petersson and director of production and development Zach Laliberte