Nikki D'Amico | That’s Liza with an ‘N’ – My appearance on
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That’s Liza with an ‘N’ – My appearance on

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recently played the part of a beloved celebrity, and now I can tell you … it was our Liza!


Just released, the pilot is called “Primal Scream”, a hybrid of documentary and horror which explores why we’re simultaneously attracted to and repelled by the things that scare us most. It delves into the pop-culture that left dark impressions on us in our youth, with people describing the pop-culture artifacts that traumatized them when they were young and the effect the incident had on their lives.


In one scene, the main character, a ventriloquist leaves a nightclub after a performance, and there, outside the stage door, is Liza (hi there) waiting to meet him. It’s a small role, but playing the part of Liza, if only from the back, was still exciting!


You can watch my scene on YouTube. You can also watch the full episode on (my scene is at 17:30), or watch the trailer on YouTube.


In addition to Shudder, “Primal Scream” is also airing on AMC.


You  can add to your streaming device (AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, e

tc). Shudder is a membership service like Netflix, but at this writing they’re currently running a 1 month free trial.


The episode has gotten fantastic reviews and I’d like to thank director Rodney Ascher for the role.